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About The Gaming Club

The Gaming Club offers you over 80 games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Scratch Cards, Keno, Pai Gow Poker, Video Pokers, Slots and many more. In addition, you get free downloads, better than Vegas odds, friendly support and secure electronic banking facilities.

And, just in case you're worried about fairness, The Gaming Club's software uses the Internet to access an independent Random Number Generator each time you play a game to produce the card deals, slot bars, rolls of the dice and other chance elements. In this way, there is no "programming" advantage that favours the house or any players who might try to gain an unfair advantage by counting cards or "cracking the system".

Winnings, even large amounts, are paid directly to players without delay through their e-cash services. No wonder The Gaming Club is known as the online casino where you find More Games, More Winners, More Often!

The Gaming Club Casino - it's like the online version of Las Vegas's famous Excalibur

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino

Monthly Bonus Offers

The Gaming Club - open a Real Money Account and you'll get up to £250 FREE match bonus.  They will actually match 100% of any amount up to £250.

This is the one of the biggest Bonus offers available on the internet!

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino

Loyalty Scheme

The Gaming Club also enrolls all its players in the 'Jester's Cash Back Club'. In this scheme you earn 1 point for every £10 wagered. These points are then converted back at a rate of £10 for every 1000 points. Although it doesn't sound like much you'd be amazed how quickly you can build up a decent amount of points

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino

Customer Support

The Gaming Club’s support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email Support

[email protected]

Telephone Support

UK Free phone: 0800 0689353

The Gaming Club Games and Features

Card Games

Casino Stud Poker
Red Dog Poker

A massive variety of other Poker Games

A Soft 21 Blackjack win at The Gaming Club Casino

Table Games

Sic Bo


A great win at European Roulette with The Gaming Club Casino

Slots and Videos

Slot Machines
Feature Slots

Video Poker
Plus lots of progressive jackpot games!

Double Joker Video Poker at The Gaming Club Online Casino

Lucky Numbers and Other Games

Scratch Card


Jesters Keno Fortune - watch the little balls pop out of his mouth!! Only at The Gaming Club...

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino

Introduction to the games

Your objective is to successfully predict whether the player's hand will get closest to a value of 9, the banker's hand will get closest to a value of 9, or that the game will result in a tie. You do not receive any cards, or play against anyone. All ten-value cards (tens and all picture cards) count as 0 and aces count as 1. The winning hand is the hand with the highest points value.

In this game of cards you are only competing against the dealer. Your objective is to draw cards until your hand adds up to 21 or beat the dealer's hand by getting as close to 21 as possible, without going bust (exceeding 21). If you bust, you lose, whatever the dealer's hand totals.

Craps is a dice game and is said to date back to the Romans but has been made famous in the Casinos of Las Vegas. The Craps table is usually the most exciting table in the house with players taking an active role in the game and adding to the atmosphere by cheering and commenting on the game.

"Snake Eyes!" Craps is a game of chance and the objective is to predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. The game can seem fairly complex but offers up a captivating experience once you have learnt the ropes.

The game uses two identical dice and is based on how often seven as the total of the two dice comes up and how the other numbers compare with it.

Casino Stud Poker
Casino Stud Poker pits your skills against the dealer's. The objective is to beat the dealer's poker hand. Having placed a bet before the cards are dealt (known as an Ante) you receive five cards, the dealer receives one card. Based on what you have and the dealer's card, you must decide whether to increase your stake (Bet) and maximise your winnings or fold to minimise your loss. If you decide to Bet on your hand the dealer receives four further cards with the outcome of the game based on the Poker value of your cards versus the dealer's

Red Dog
The objective of Red Dog is to predict whether the value of a randomly selected card will fall between the two cards already dealt to you.

Roulette is said to date back to ancient Greek times but was made popular in French casinos over the last century. Roulette is arguably the most recognizable of all casino games. Your objective is to successfully predict the outcome of the spin of the wheel. The Roulette wheel contains 37 beds (38 in American Roulette) into which the ball will drop following the spin. You can choose a variety of bets with wide-ranging rewards.

Sic Bo
Sic Bo (meaning high/low) is an ancient Chinese dice game and features in many casinos around the world. You have a number of opportunities to bet on the outcome of three dice thrown onto the table. The Sic Bo table features the various outcomes you can predict, from the total value of the three dice thrown, to three matching values on each die. The odds are wide ranging and the choice is yours.

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino


The Gaming Club offers players a high quality internet casino, complete with a gaming history to be proud of. With a welcome bonus of up to £100, it is well worth spending some time enjoying the facilities of this great internet casino.

Play with confidence today at The Gaming Club Casino



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